Matt Lauer and Wife Doing Fine, Says Al Roker

Posted Tuesday May 18, 2010 1:35 PM GMT

While rumors spark about Matt Lauer and his wife, good friend Al Roker is clearing things up.

The Today show weather anchor says that, as far as the couple is concerned, “everything is fine.”

Adding, Roker said, "The fact is we all know that everything is fine and we move on from there. Matt is a great dad, he's a wonderful husband. He's everything you're supposed to be."

Also assuring that nothing is wrong was Bryant Gumbel, who says the couple is “doing great.”

News about trouble broke out when The National Enquirer reported that Lauer, 52, left his wife after 12 years when Annette accused him of cheating.

The couple admits they’ve had their ups and downs, but deny the break up. The two have three children, Jack, 8, Romy, 6, and Thijs, 3.

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