Matt Damon Talks Ben Affleck Bromance at Family Reach Charity Event

Posted Thursday September 20, 2012 9:08 PM GMT

Though their bromance has come a long way since "Good Will Hunting," Matt Damon appreciates how his friendship with Ben Affleck has matured over the years.

Recently, the "Bourne Identity" star bought a house next-door to his friend of over 25 years. In an interview with E! News, the 41-year-old father of four explained, "Yeah, it's definitely not the life we had planned for ourselves in that way. It's great in a whole different way, like that Garth Brooks song, 'Thank God for Unanswered Prayers.' I never looked up at the sky and asked for this life and I'm very lucky that I got it."

In New York City for a cooking competition event to raise money for the Family Reach Foundation, which provides financial relief to families of cancer patients, Matt was eager to support the organization. "Our dad's going through it [cancer treatment ] right now, so I think we can just relate to it on a personal level too."

However, he insists his father is "really terrific" and "getting phenomenal care." Watch the video of the interview with E! News below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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