Matt Damon Remembers "Close" Friend Philip Seymour Hoffman

Posted Friday February 7, 2014 5:13 PM GMT

The loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman impacted a majority of Hollywood, and now Matt Damon is ready to discuss the sudden death of the late actor.

During a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) webcast on Thursday (February 6), the "Monuments Men" actor wrote about his friendship with Hoffman and the support he gave to the actor.

"I mean, [we were] pretty close," Damon stated. "We worked together a long time ago and I would see him here and there, all over the place."

He continued, "I'd go to his places at the Labyrinth and I saw him just last year, we were working on 'Monuments Men' and had dinner with him."

Also discussing the last time he had spoken to Phillip, Matt said, "The last time I saw him, I took my oldest daughter to 'The Hunger Games' premiere in LA and we had a chat before the movie started."

"It's just incredibly weird that he's not around anymore," he added.

Photo Credit: Getty Images