Mariah Carey: Inaugural Songstress

Posted Wednesday January 21, 2009 3:13 PM GMT

Adding her voice to the multitude of Obama supporters, Mariah Carey was at the Neighborhood Ball to sing in the new President last night in Washington DC.

The “Always Be My Baby” singer donned a gorgeous black velvet floor-length gown and sang into a rhinestone-encrusted microphone (with matching mic stand) much to the delight of the audience.

In related news, it sounds like Mariah may be redeeming herself from her less-than-stellar acting performance in “Glitter” with a new film called “Push.”

According to the buzz around the Sundance Film Festival (at which Push is being screened), it’s actually a good movie, and getting great reviews.

One such review reads, "Among the many delightful surprises in the film is Mariah Carey, who is pitch-perfect as a welfare counselor and serves as this demi-tragedy's Greek chorus. It's possible that many viewers won't recognize her until the final credits, but like so many things about 'Push,' the performance is disarming."

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Enjoy the pictures of Mariah Carey performing at the Neighborhood Ball (January 20).