Maria Sharapova Wins at US Open, Confirms Split from Sasha

Posted Saturday September 1, 2012 2:31 AM GMT

After cruising to an easy third round US Open victory, Maria Sharapova made a surprise post-match comment regarding her personal life that immediately overshadowed the on-court action.

The 25-year-old Russian ace - who beat Mallory Burdette 6-1, 6-1 - revealed that she and now ex-fiance Sasha Vujacic have called off their engagement and put an end to their relationship.

Miss Sharapova continued to tell that she and her former Los Angeles Lakers guard beau of three years went their separate ways back in late spring.

Surprised at how long it took before being asked about her romantic situation, Maria said, "It's been since the end of spring. I was waiting for someone to actually ask me that question."

As for having kept the breakup news out of the headlines for the entire summer, Sharapova explained, "I have never really been the person to announce things. I never announced when we were together or never announced we were engaged. I never have in any of my previous relationships, as well."

Lastly, Sharapova noted that lack of time together due to work demands was the main reason behind the parting, telling, "It was a really nice period of time for both of us, but our career schedules just made it extremely difficult to see each other with the traveling and especially his career move to Turkey. But we have a tremendous amount of respect for each other. I still would love to call him as a friend. We spent really great years together."

Photo Credit: Getty Images