Marc Anthony: Paying Out the Nose in Child Support!

Posted Friday June 13, 2014 2:10 PM GMT

Long before he married Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony had a couple of kiddos with ex-wife Dayanara Torres and now she’s turning up the heat on his child support payments.

The “I Need to Know” stud was previously forking over $13,400 per month for sons Ryan and Christian and in November 2013 Torres asked a judge to increase the amount to $123,426.

Obviously, the new figure was exorbitant and Marc fought to lower the new payment to $26,800 per month or exactly double the previous arrangement.

Dayanara cited a need for a nanny and housekeeper as justification for the big ask, but in the process the judge also modified their agreement to terminate child support when each child turns 18 rather than the previously-agreed-upon 21 years of age.

Photo Credit: Getty Images