“Man on a Ledge” Holds Star-Studded Premiere

Posted Friday January 20, 2012 9:19 AM GMT

Kicking off the weekend a bit early, “Man on a Ledge” held a swanky screening at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York City last night (January 19).

Stars Elizabeth Banks and Sam Worthington were more than happy to pose for a few pictures, as were Kyra Sedgwick and her handsome husband Kevin Bacon.

During a recent interview, Ms. Banks shared that the plot line of the flick closely mirrors the title, as there is plenty of suspense.

"Really, everything's in the title. It's about a man on a ledge, and the people around him who are trying to figure out why he's on the ledge, and how to get him off the ledge before he falls off and dies."

Worthington added, "Good action really comes down to the stakes, what's at stake, whether it's rescuing the girl, getting the diamonds or whatever. [The main character] is battling for his life in the ultimate extreme, just on a ledge. He's on the edge on the ledge. Because the stakes are so high, I think that's why we can label it a thriller, an action thriller."

Photo Credit: Getty Images, INF Daily