Maxim Magazine's Oh-So-Hot Salute to the Military

Posted Friday November 11, 2011 6:21 PM GMT

Giving the men and women who've laid their lives on the line to protect and serve the country a warm thank you, Maxim magazine has released a not-to-be-missed Salute to the Military issue.

Along with an oh-so-hot spread of bikini-clad beauties in armed forces-inspired beach shots, a trio of lovely ladies including Anna Kournikova, Olivia Munn and Kelly Kelly are profiled with pictures and interviews about their experiences during USO tour events.

Speaking about the experience of participating in the USO tours, Miss Kournikova dished, "You can read about it or watch it on TV, but once you're actually down there in Iraq and Afghanistan and seeing what's going on, it's just an incredible experience. I spend a lot of time talking to the kids, and I hope they get some kind of excitement watching us show our appreciation for what they do."

Meanwhile, Miss Munn was asked whether military food is as bad as rumors make it sound to be, to which she said, "It's not! Well, at least I didn't think so. But I was raised on that kind of stuff. I actually prefer most of my vegetables in a can. I didn't even know asparagus was supposed to be served with a crunch."

Last, but not least, WWE star Kelly Kelly spoke about her latest trip to Afghanistan, revealing, "It was actually a little scary. One night I was in the bathroom, and suddenly these alarms started going off with this announcement to stay in our bunks. Turns out we almost got hit by a rocket."

Photo Credit: Maxim