Justin Theroux Learning to Love Los Angeles for Jennifer Aniston

Posted Thursday July 10, 2014 6:03 PM GMT

It’s not a place for everyone, and that rule definitely applied to Justin Theroux and his distaste for Los Angeles, CA.

When “The Leftovers” star popped the question to Jennifer Aniston in August 2012, he was forced to split time between their mansion in Bel Air and his home of New York City. And though he wasn’t always fond of the Californian city, Justin thinks their bicoastal life is “kind of perfect.”

“That's always been a goal, to be bicoastal in a real way. I like all the clichés. I mean, I love someone who lives in Los Angeles - so that's a big draw,” Justin told Interview magazine.

"In New York I used to just be more active. I'd always ride my bike everywhere or skateboard everywhere, walk, whatever. Then I started going to the gym,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the HBO actor opened up about what makes him truly happy and he said, “My dogs... And my lady, of course."

As for his early acting days, Justin said, "I was always acting. I was doing after-school plays and stuff like that. But I wasn't doing well in any of the schools, so by ninth or tenth grade, I ended up going to a boarding school. D.C. is a hard city to grow up in. I couldn't find my footing there. Also, I got a late start academically, and I was dyslexic."

Photo Credit: Robbie Fimmano for Interview