GQ Names “Most Stylish Men of 2012”

Posted Monday December 24, 2012 3:45 PM GMT

The past decade has seen gents really up their game in the style department, and GQ just released their list of the Most Stylish Men of 2012.

Coming in at #1 is James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, who can’t help but make ladies swoon with his distinguished taste in apparel and stunning good looks.

The runner-up position belongs to “High School Musical” star-turned bona fide man candy Zac Efron, whose boyish good looks haven’t left him just yet.

Always a mainstay on any male style list, David Beckham snagged himself the third spot on the chart, though many ladies much prefer him sans shirt!

“Just the Way You Are” crooner Bruno Mars came out of nowhere to claim the #4 rank on the illustrious GQ list, while Ewan McGregor’s dashing charm and well-appointed wardrobe garnered him the fifth place honors.

Other honorable mentions include Wes Anderson, Jay-Z, Armie Hammer, Adam Levine, and Dwayne Wade.

Photo Credit: Getty Images