Emmy Drama Actresses Join Forces for The Hollywood Reporter

Posted Monday June 4, 2012 10:44 AM GMT

Teaming up for a group effort, Emmy Rossum, January Jones, Claire Danes, Julianna Magulies, Kyra Sedgwick and Mireille Enos joined forces to cover the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

The six lovely ladies posed alongside one another for the Jessica Chou shot spread while conversing during the publication's Emmy Roundtable focusing on drama actresses.

Highlights from the Emmy Awards hopefuls' interviews are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to The Hollywood Reporter!

Claire Danes:
On her return to TV:
"When I started Homeland, it had been God knows how long since I'd last done an episodic show. I was 14, 15 when I did My So-Called Life. And Homeland is just so dense. The volume of material that you have to commit to memory is overwhelming."

On baring all for the cameras:
“I don’t love stripping down, but I also don’t love the idea of being kind of coy or prudish for the sake of it.”

Emmy Rossum
On her risque scenes in "Shameless":
“When I got on set – I’d never done nudity before – I was like, ‘Oh, everyone here is human.’ Some days you feel like, ‘Oh, God. I wish we were shooting this last week, I felt so skinny.’”

January Jones:
On getting 'big' for "Mad Men":
“I started this season of Mad Men eight months pregnant, and I finished it with a 5-month-old [son Xander]. It was bizarre. And I was in seven hours of prosthetics every morning, trying to rip off a fake chest piece so I could breastfeed. I loved [the fat suit].”

On practicing for her 'Mad Men' monologues:
"When Mad Men started, my character had a bunch of monologues because she was in therapy, but the therapist never spoke. I had no exercise to try to help me with that. So I recorded myself saying stuff and then listened to it while I slept, hoping that it would stick like a bad song. And it worked!"

Julianna Margulies:
On her busy work schedule:
“In what we do with episodic work, it’s a nonstop train. I mean, there are days when, I was saying this to Kyra before, I had worked until midnight and then I had to go and shoot something else at five in the morning. I looked at my husband and I was like, ‘This is why Judy Garland was on pills. I can’t keep this up. I need a pill!’”

Kyra Sedgwick:
On her actor husband, Kevin Bacon:
“He was the one who supported my doing The Closer. It was a huge commitment and life-changing thing for both of us. We always read each other’s scripts; he often follows my advice, and sometimes I’m wrong, but he’s not. And I’m so grateful we have that, I really am.”

On the future:
"I really want to do more films. I would like to do other characters for a shorter amount of time. But the TV experience was amazing, and it afforded me the experience of delving into a character and growing with her."

Mireille Enos:
On her work process on the AMC series 'The Killing':
“Is it wrong to admit that having to kiss Brad Pitt was very, very terrifying? It was [in] World War Z, which I shot last summer and it was the second day of shooting.”

On a moment that got her the most nervous:
“Is it wrong to admit that having to kiss Brad Pitt was very, very terrifying? It was [in] World War Z, which I shot last summer and it was the second day of shooting.”

Photo Credit: Jessica Chou for The Hollywood Reporter