Darren Criss Covers Homme Essentials January/February 2013

Posted Wednesday January 9, 2013 10:05 AM GMT

With his hit TV series "Glee" set to resume on January 24, Darren Criss took time to cover the February 2013 issue of Homme Essentials magazine.

The 25-year-old actor rocked a casual ensemble for the Eli Schmidt shot front page while opening up about everything from Broadway musicals to his future on the Fox show.

Highlights from Mr. Criss' interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Homme Essentials!

On his love for Broadway:
"I’m such a Broadway show fiend. I try to see everything that I can. Usually if I come to New York and I have the time I will be that guy who’ll see a show on Friday, two on Saturday, two on Sunday."

On his personal life:
"Glee keeps me very busy and I’m happy for it to keep me busy! Any time I can’t do stuff because of Glee, I’m like, that’s OK! There’s no better reason I would rather have to not be able to do something. ‘Sorry, you can’t. You’re on a hit TV show that changed your life! Do you mind?’ No, I don’t mind! This is great!"

On his "Glee" future:
"TV shows aren’t like movies where you have a defined sort of beginning middle and end. Things can always change. He’s gonna graduate, and who knows what’s gonna happen after that. The kids who graduated last year, they didn’t know. But hopefully they’ll have me around. That’s all I can say! I’ll be a janitor or something."

Photo Credit: Eli Schmidt for Homme Essentials

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