“Today” Host Natalie Morales Covers Women’s Day for Latinas Fall 2014

Posted Saturday August 9, 2014 9:03 AM GMT

Given her high public profile and impeccable appearance, Natalie Morales certainly comes off as a gal who has her ducks in a row.

However, the “Today” show host told Woman’s Day for Latinas Fall 2014 issue that it’s quite a challenge keeping her work and home lives in harmony.

Of her two sons, Natalie shared, “Josh is 10 and Luke is 5, so it’s always chaos in the house. I try to keep things organized. But I have to work at it.”

As an Army kid, Morales grew up accustomed to constant transition. “We moved every three years. You learned to think fast on your feet, and to get rid of anything you didn’t absolutely need.”

Natalie also shared some helpful hints to tighten up the household agenda, such as keeping a family calendar. “Our schedule changes constantly. It’s a real juggling act!”

And a successful day begins by hitting the ground running, says Morales. “In my job, you need to just get up and go—hit snooze and you’ll stay in bed all day.”

Photo Credit: Susan Pittard/Woman’s Day for Latinas

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