Madonna Teases Secret Project with Violent Video: Watch Here!

Posted Thursday September 5, 2013 5:13 PM GMT

She certainly knows how to attract attention, and Madonna just released a new video clip to introduce her “#SecretProjectRevolution.”

And while virtually nothing is actually known about the venture, Madge succeeds in stimulating curiosity with the film noir-style black and white video.

The “Material Girl” singer begins by standing against a set of prison bars, sporting a black trench coat and blonde wig, and singing an a capella rendition of “My Country Tis of Thee.”

From there, Madonna submits to a beating at the hands of guards before her voiceover asks, “Are you with me?”

At the close of the clip, created by Madge and her photographer pal Steven Klein, viewers are directed to a website with the message- “Madonna & Steven Klein invite you to start your own revolution of love. We have created this platform to give people around the world an opportunity to answer the question: ‘What does freedom mean to you?’”


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