Madonna Faces Lawsuit for Supporting Gay Rights

Posted Sunday August 19, 2012 10:45 AM GMT

While performing in St. Petersburg, Madonna got more than just a round of applause.

The 54-year-old pop icon was slapped with a hefty $10.5 million lawsuit for supporting gay rights in Russia.

In February, a law was passed in the federation making it illegal to promote anything about homosexuality around minors. According to the suit filed on Friday (August 17), a number of kids, as young as 12, were at the “Material Girl’s” August 9th concert where she voiced her support for gays.

The lawyer representing the complainants responded to criticism that the plaintiffs were stuck in the Middle Ages by telling a Russian news agency, “No one is burning anyone at the stake or carrying out an Inquisition… Modern civilization requires tolerance and respect for different values.”

During her performance Madonna stomped on an Orthodox cross and asked audience members to raise their hands with pink armbands, distributed at the concert, in a sign of support for gays and lesbians. This footage was caught on tape and included in the suit.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images