Ryan Lewis Reveals his Mother is HIV Positive

Posted Wednesday April 23, 2014 3:08 PM GMT

Speaking up for a cause close to his heart, Ryan Lewis announced that his mother, Julie Lewis, has been HIV positive for 30 years.

The singer spoke about the situation, which came about when Ms. Lewis gave birth to her daughter and needed a blood transfusion, as part of an announcement for an organization to advocate for affordable medical care.

Via funding site IndieGoGo, Ryan shared, "In 1984, my mom gave birth to my older sister, Teresa. Due to a complicated delivery, she needed a blood transfusion and at that moment, my mom had HIV+ blood put into her body. When she was finally diagnosed, she was given only a few years to live."

"Thanks to advanced medicine and health care available here in the U.S., my mom has lived despite her odds," Lewis continued. "To honor the thirty years my mom has been a survivor, our family is raising funds to build health centers worldwide that will stand strong for at least thirty years."

A poster for the project features Ryan and his mom below the words “The 30/30 Project. Healthcare is a Human Right.”

Joining the fight is Ryan’s musical partner, Macklemore, along with Construction for Change and Partners in Health.

Photo Credit: Twitter