Lupita Nyong'o on Jared Leto Dating Rumors: I Thought Miley Cyrus Broke Us Up

Posted Friday February 21, 2014 12:00 PM GMT

As rumors swirl that she and "Dallas Buyers Club" star Jared Leto are starting up a relationship, Lupita Nyong’o cleared the air during a recent interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

The hilarious talk show host dished about the "12 Years A Slave" beauty's rise to fame and headlines surrounding her apparent love life.

"So you're actually in tabloids, which means you've really made it," Ellen declared. "Because there's rumors that you and Jared Leto are together."

Lupita then jokingly stated, "Ah, but I thought Miley Cyrus broke us up. That was the last thing I heard."

Check out the hilarious interview below!

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.