Lorde Discovers that "Success Comes with a Price Tag" as She Arrives Back in New Zealand

Posted Wednesday January 29, 2014 12:00 AM GMT

Returning to her home country after a big night at the Grammy Awards, Lorde arrived at Auckland International Airport on Wednesday (January 29).

The "Royals" singer gave a smile and wave to awaiting fans and cameras in a dark Chanel sweatshirt and shades.

Unfortunately, the smiles were short-lived, as the paps allegedly got a little aggressive in their pursuit of the star.

Though it was deleted, Lorde tweeted, "nz media almost pushed over myself and my family at the airport this morning in order to get their shots. bit of a sad welcome if i'm honest."

Later, she added, "I understand that people of note are supposedly fair game for everyone to photograph and film but that doesn't make it acceptable. I'm beginning to get used to my image as a public commodity, and the fact that I'm getting used to it frightens me."

Assuring her admirers, she concluded, "There is a difference between attn from fans, which i love, and the constant, often lecherous gaze that i'm subjected to in this industry. I know that success comes with a price tag. it just sucks when you see that in your tiny home country where you previously felt safe."

Photo Credit: Getty Images