Lizzy Caplan Confesses “I Was Hammered” For “True Blood” Sex Scenes

Posted Friday December 13, 2013 3:03 PM GMT

She’s worked on all kinds of projects, but Lizzy Caplan's most challenging role psychologically was her “True Blood” gig.

During her interview on “Chelsea Lately,” the “My Best Friend’s Girl” actress admitted to getting wasted before her nude scenes as vampire Amy Burley.

Lizzy explained, “I was hammered for that. I didn't really have lines the first time. It was like 7am in the morning and I was chugging vodka completely naked while a make-up artist I had just met was on her knees in front of me sponging my ass. It's intimate.”

“On True Blood, I've never told anybody this, but I was so nervous and then I was so drunk, that after I shot the scene I was going up to the crew members. I had just met all these people the day before and I was going up to them like, ‘You got a boner! You do! You've got one.’ It was horrible. Horrible!”

Photo Credit: E!