Lisa Kudrow Sued by Former Manager Over "Friends" Earnings

Posted Friday February 21, 2014 7:43 PM GMT

Making for quite the unfortunate situation, Lisa Kudrow has found herself dealing with a lawsuit from her former manager Scott Howard.

Mr. Howard claimed the 50-year-old actress owes him a substantial cut of her earnings of her NBC series "Friends" and its re-runs.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lisa earned only $13,000 per episode at the beginning of the mega-hit series which eventually went up to $1,040,000 plus $5 million in back-end compensation. She also continues to amek residuals on the show.

On Thursday (February 20), Miss Kudrow took the stand in a Santa Monica court to discuss the deal she and Scott had made before he was fired in 2007. He is now suing her for $1.7 million dollars.

During the hearing, Scott stated, "I always believed that a personal handshake kind of cemented that personal relationship, and that anything more formal felt awkward."

Lisa testified that she only agreed to pay Mr. Howard only for the first round of residuals. "I may have let him know thate everyone around, everyone was firing their managers. I think I wanted him to know that havinga manager was unnecessary."

The Hollywood Reporter also states about $8 million could be at stake during this court battle. Stay linked to GossipCenter on the latest.

Photo Credit: Getty Images