Lindsay Lohan: A Story of Legal Woes

Posted Thursday November 29, 2012 5:52 PM GMT

While she started off her career as an uber-successful actress, Lindsay Lohan is definitely spending more time in the back of police cars than on movie sets as of late.

The troubled “Georgia Rule” star was arrested at 4am this morning for allegedly assaulting a woman at a New York City nightclub, adding yet another notch to her already-depressing rap sheet.

LiLo began getting into trouble back in 2007 when two DUI’s and a cocaine possession charge landed her in jail for 84 minutes of her original one-day sentence. She was also placed on three years’ probation and warned to keep her nose clean.

Of course, that didn’t happen, and by the time March 2009 rolled around she was back in the system thanks to a judge who issued a $50,000 warrant connected to Lohan’s May 2007 DUI arrest.

The warrant was finally rescinded, but that only gave Lindsay a few months of peace- in October 2009 her judge extended her probation for one more year in order to give her time to complete an alcohol education program she’d been skipping out on.

Fast forward to May 2010 and Miss Lohan once again had a warrant issued for her arrest, this time for skipping a court date and flying to France where she attended the Cannes Film Festival and supposedly had her passport stolen. That one cost her $100,000 to stay out of jail.

Upon her return to the states, Lindsay was fitted with a SCRAM alcohol-monitoring anklet to keep her dry, however on June 8th, 2010 Lohan was found to have set off the device due to alcohol consumption.

Through the rest of 2010, the “I Know Who Killed Me” dealt with a series of jail stints, failed drug tests, and even some time in the Betty Ford Center during which she was accused of attacking a staff worker.

Then, in February 2011 Lindsay was arrested for stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store in Venice, California. She was sentenced to 120 days in county jail and 480 house of community service. But a month later she was already freed from the clink due to overcrowding and instead served her sentence under house arrest.

By October 2011 Lindsay had to post $100,000 bail for failing to perform her community service duties in order to stay out of yet another stint in jail.

Things stayed pretty quiet until March of this year, when Lohan encountered more driving drama- she was accused of hitting a pedestrian and fleeing the scene. However she wasn’t prosecuted after sufficient evidence was not found.

Later that month, Lindsay completed her DUI probation and instead was placed on informal probation due to her necklace theft.

Then, in September Lohan narrowly escaped being charged with hitting a man with her car in New York City while driving away from the Dream Hotel. Furthermore, in October Lindsay and her mother Dina had the cops called on them for a domestic dispute.

Given her massive experience in the American Legal System, it seems Lindsay is single-handedly keeping her lawyers in business!

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