Lindsay Lohan Gets to Work at the Morgue

Posted Wednesday October 26, 2011 12:42 PM GMT

Fulfilling her probationary requirements, Lindsay Lohan got to work on her court ordered community service early this morning (October 26).

Snapping a few pics while the "Mean Girls" star took a break outside, photogs captured the hat and hoodie clad starlet on the grounds of the Los Angeles Coroner's Office.

Once again trying to make amends for a slew of previous mishaps, LiLo arrived for her obligations an impressive 20 minutes ahead of her scheduled start time, as reported by RadarOnline.

The early arrival follows reports of Lindsay's nude photo shoot for Playboy. Having been rumored for many weeks, an alleged deal between Lohan and the mag was finally reached - earning the actress upwards of one million bucks.

Photo Credit: INF Daily

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