Lindsay Lohan Gets Denied in Pitbull Lawsuit

Posted Friday February 22, 2013 10:40 AM GMT

She was furious when Pitbull used her name in a derogatory sense in his song “Give Me Everything” and Lindsay Lohan was sure she’d be able to get back at the rapper with a lawsuit.

However, the “Georgia Rule” actress has been blown off by US District Court Judge Denis Hurley, who dismissed the case and said the track is actually a protected piece of art.

Pitbull’s lyrics state, “So I’m tip-toein’ to keep blowin’/I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan” and LiLo insists the words caused her “emotional distress.”

Her lawyer wrote, "[The song] includes an unwarranted, unauthorized, and unfavorable mention of [her] name and personality, and allusions to [her] physical and mental character.”

But according to Hurley, the law in question "doesn't apply to works of art, and that the First Amendment affords full protection. The fact that the song was presumably created and distributed for the purpose of making a profit does not mean that plaintiff's name was used for 'advertising' or 'purposes of trade' within the meaning of the New York Civil Rights Law."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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