Lindsay Lohan Drops Her Top for Instagram Selfie at Cannes

Posted Monday May 19, 2014 6:53 PM GMT

She’s always been comfortable in her own skin and Lindsay Lohan flashed some serious flesh while partying in Cannes, France over the weekend.

The “Mean Girls” actress posed next to a male friend and snapped a selfie sans top, with only her long red locks to cover her lady parts.

Of course, LiLo was quick to upload the saucy shot to her Instagram account along with the caption, “#isCANNESQuicheENUF ?! #ily.”

Meanwhile, Lindsay’s next project “Inconceivable” has already run into a roadblock in the financing department and it’s thought that her reputation for being unreliable is the root of the problem.

An insider told Radar, “There is always the problem of insuring Lindsay for movies. It’s very likely this movie will never get made.”

Photo Credit: Instagram