Lindsay Lohan Decides to Remain a Daddy’s Girl

Posted Thursday August 1, 2013 8:08 PM GMT

Friends come and go but family, well, you just can’t just toss ‘em to the curb. At least that’s Lindsay Lohan's latest take on her relationship with her father, Michael.

Fresh out of rehab (again), the troubled actress says she wants Pops Lohan around as she focuses on rebuilding her life. (Talk about a parent trap.)

During her counseling and therapy sessions, LiLo made a list of all the people who were bad influences. Many expected her dad to be near the top. Yet perhaps surprisingly, she decided that, despite their rather tumultuous history, she couldn’t just discard her daddy.

Of course, sources say Michael was in the therapy session with Lindsay when she discussed the "bad" list. (Her brother Michael Jr. was there too.) Maybe she just didn’t want to diss him to his face.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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