Lindsay Lohan’s “Million Dollar Decorators” Home Makeover

Posted Tuesday January 1, 2013 3:28 PM GMT

She’s never been one for frugality and Lindsay Lohan's latest lavish buy is a new Venice, California home, complete with redecoration by a high-profile designer Kathryn M. Ireland.

The “Mean Girls” starlet agreed to allow Bravo network cameras follow the “Million Dollar Decorators” mastermind as she created a whole new living environment.

Ireland explained, "I think this house is a fresh start for Lindsay. In my designs I really need to bear that in mind -- make her feel secure and ground her."

Kathryn added, "She's so adorable, but you go from seeing her in The Parent Trap to [on the news for her legal woes]. But who cares! It makes her more interesting. You have to get your first prison sentence out of the way. Like your first marriage. Same thing, really."

Photo Credit: Bravo