Lily Allen Heads to the Hospital

Posted Thursday May 8, 2014 6:03 PM GMT

She’s not one to take life lying down, but it seems Lily Allen doesn’t have a choice at the moment.

The “Smile” singer posted a photo to her Instagram account on Thursday (May 8) after being rushed to the hospital with a nasty virus.

Lily captioned the shot, "#SHEEzUS in #SHOSPITAL," adding, "I'm fine though guys, just need some fluids because I can't keep anything down."

On Wednesday (May 7) Ms. Allen first indicated that she was falling ill with her message, "Prepping for (Allan Carr: Chatty Man) feeling a little bit #QUEAZUS and very #SNEEZUS green juice emergency. I can't stop projectile vomiting, also temperature #poisoned."

Photo Credit: Instagram