Leonardo DiCaprio Chats About Flopping Around for "Wolf of Wall Street" Sex Scenes

Posted Tuesday December 17, 2013 3:49 PM GMT

Continuing promotional efforts for his new film "Wolf of Wall Street," Leonardo DiCaprio made a special appearance on "Extra" at The Grove in West Hollywood on Tuesday (December 17).

During his interview, the "Inception" star shared details about the upcoming flick, particularly delving into the details behind his sex scenes.

On how he approached his character Jordan Belfort, DiCaprio said, "When you take on a character like this and you want to accurately reflect the nature of who these people are, you just gotta do it. You can't think about yourself, because it's not me, it's a depiction of somebody else."

Also chatting about his former partying days, the 39-year-old actor stated, "Please don't compare me with this dude at all! Are you out of your mind?"

In regards to the sex scenes that were cut to avoid the NC-17 ratings, Leo jokingly proclaimed, "It was all me, pal. All the flopping around, all the everything was all me."


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