Lena Dunham: Pattern Pretty on "Girls" Set

Posted Friday April 26, 2013 8:38 AM GMT

Nearing the end of a long week full of work, Lena Dunham shot new scenes for "Girls" in New York City on Thursday (April 25).

The 26-year-old creator of the HBO series looked casually chic for her day on set in a black and gold pattern dress, blue cardigan and black ankle boots as she toted breakfast back to her trailer.

Speaking of on the job meals, it looks like Lena was doing a bit of food dreaming while on the clock yesterday, as she tweeted, "I napped at work and dreamed a new word: grunch. Grunch is a brunch where all the diners grow emotionally over the course of the meal."

As for what's to come in season three, it looks like a new face will be joining the cast. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Richard E. Grant has booked a guest role and will debut in the premiere episode.

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