Harrison Ford Pierces Jimmy's Ear on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" Watch Here!

Posted Saturday November 2, 2013 11:05 AM GMT

Keeping things fresh and entertaining on “Late Night,” Jimmy Fallon brought in legendary actor, Harrison Ford, and not just as a guest star.

The 71-year-old superstar attended the show to offer Jimmy a special gift: to become just like his idol, Harrison Ford…by allowing the “Ender’s Game” star to pierce his ear on stage!

Jimmy was more than a little agitated, stuttering up and down stage talking about the procedure, as Indiana Jones himself stood preparing the tools in a lab coat. Jimmy said to his audience, “I’ve asked Harrison Ford to pierce my ear. I’ve never had my ear pierced. I’m very scared about this.”

The cool, confident Ford simply replied, “It’s not gonna hurt…me.” And after some nervous exchanges and fun antics, Ford’s intensive Indiana Jones chase scene themes began playing in the background.

Dramatic pauses, light-hearted jokes, and hammy acting skills were exchanged, and finally, Harrison Ford drove the piercing needle through Jimmy Fallon’s ear. Jimmy looked traumatized, even more so once Harrison pulled out what would become his first earring. Watch below!

Photo Credit: NBC