Lance Bass: “Statistically, One Member of One Direction is Gay”

Posted Friday May 3, 2013 12:43 PM GMT

He’s been busy making his rounds in New York City, and yesterday afternoon (May 2) Lance Bass looked dapper as he strolled out of his luxury hotel.

The former NSync pop star has been fielding some serious criticism ever since discussing the English boy band One Direction and suggesting that perhaps one of the guys is gay.

Lance speculated, "Statistically speaking, one probably is [gay]. The market is 100 percent young women and they fantasize about these [One Direction] guys. Then you have the record labels and everyone kind of grooming you to make sure that you don't even mention that you have a girlfriend. So screw the fact that you're going to come out as being gay -- it ruins their whole business plan."

However, after the statement, Lance took to his Twitter account to clarify- “Just for the record , I never said a member of 1D was gay. Listen to the interview before you start believing fake headlines RT @emily564: @LanceBass 1 member of 1D is gay huh? Really? None of them are gay they are all in relationships.”

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