Lady Gaga Shares a Passionate Moment with Boyfriend Taylor Kinney

Posted Friday April 25, 2014 7:33 PM GMT

Sharing a personal moment, Lady Gaga posted an intimate moment between her and boyfriend Taylor Kinney on Friday (April 25).

The “Let’s Dance” beauty shared the snapshot on, showing the couple in a passionate kiss.

Taylor’s flick “The Other Woman” hit theaters today, and he recently talked about playing the good guy during his interview with “GMA.”

"It's not hard playing the good guy. I think there's an allure of the bad guy, trying to change him or remedy any mishaps he might have,” Taylor said of his character in the film.

As for being a good guy in real life, Kinney replied, “Of course!”

Lady Gaga is a lucky woman!

Photo Credit: Lady Gaga