Lady Gaga: Fashionable, Even with a Cold!

Posted Wednesday March 26, 2014 10:47 PM GMT

Feeling a little under the weather today (March 26), Lady Gaga greeted her fans on the way to see her doctor in New York City.

Never missing an opportunity to be fashionable, the "Applause" singer sported massive shades, flowing white hair reaching all the way down to her ankles and an assortment of colored furs, making her way through the crowds.

Tweeting about her cold, the 27-year-old wrote, "Who knew they could vacuum your sinuses. heal me LISTEN COLD ITS YOU AGAINST ME I WILL WIN."

In related news, Akon went into an interview with US DJ Sway on his radio show, telling him he is no longer involved with Gaga, saying, "I got out while the gooding (sic) was hot. It's like a business, you build it to sell it. When I got it to the peak of where I felt it couldn't go nowhere, and there was nowhere left to go but down, I cashed out, in other words I sold my share and got out before it was too late."

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