Lady Gaga Dons Mona Lisa, Goes Full Frontal for Candy

Posted Wednesday December 4, 2013 3:03 PM GMT

Always incorporating artistic elements into her wardrobe, Lady Gaga went for an obvious Mona Lisa vibe as she left her London hotel today (December 4).

The “Just Dance” singer wore a custom-made dress that featured the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting across the front, garnering plenty of attention from fans and shutterbugs.

Speaking of attention-getting antics, Gaga shows her full birthday suit on the cover of the new issue of Candy magazine.

A Refinery 29 source explained, "She is literally stripping back the theatrics of trans-culture; exposing a half-done-up face and the 'gender' beneath it all. Interestingly, and something worth noting, is the outright exposure of her genitals.”

“It's one thing that naked female genitalia made the cover of a magazine; it's another that said genitalia is, for lack of a better phrase, (relatively) au natural ... having an artist of Gaga's caliber go against the status quo -- especially for a publication like Candy -- toys with our perceptions of what's considered normal."

Photo Credit:, Candy

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