Kyra Sedgwick Covers More July/August 2012

Posted Wednesday June 27, 2012 1:00 PM GMT

With her new movie "The Possession" set to hit theaters on August 31st, Kyra Sedgwick got a jumpstart on promotions by covering the July/August 2012 issue of More magazine.

The 46-year-old actress donned a L’Agence silk chiffon blouse with J Brand cotton blend capris for the Mark Segal shot front page while dishing about facing an empty nest, re-connecting with her husband Kevin Bacon and embracing the "fallow period" she hopes will lead to personal and professional growth.

Highlights from Miss Sedgwick's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to More!

On marital challenges with husband Kevin Bacon:
There's part of me that thinks,Are we going to be in our seventies before we all of a sudden look at each other and go,'Oh, hi'? Obviously that's part of what makes it exciting. You don't get bored; it has a certain spark to it. And, of course, I'm ready for him to work. He loves to work. We both do better what we're working. But sometimes it feels so different than what other people have. Every now and then I'll be like, 'I'm having a hard day,'and I realize, I'm lonely! I miss my husband, who was working far away.

On struggling with living apart from her children:
"I'm still struggling with how to let go. It doesn't feel right on some level. It just feels wrong! Like turning motto has always been that they'll teach me, and I'm trying to remember that. Because I can't [accept it]. We don't have rituals for this sort of thing, and we should -I need to honor that it's hard and confusing."

Mary Mcdonnell on working with Kyra:
"My favorite memories of working with her are the really beautiful talks we had about family and about our shared experience of being mother-slash-actresses. One or the other of us would have just spoken to our kids, and these conversations would rise up. She makes it easy to feel relaxed and intimate. I really treasured that."

Photo Credit: Mark Segal for More