Kristin Davis Opens Up About Braving Broadway & Forgetting Her Lines

Posted Tuesday July 17, 2012 11:35 PM GMT

Sporting a huge smile, Kristin Davis was spotted signing autographs before heading into the "Good Morning America" studios to talk about her latest acting adventure in New York City, New York on Tuesday (July 17).

After greeting fans outside, the "Sex in the City" star swapped her orange dress for a red one but decided to keep her animal print wedges on as she joined John Stamos and Cybil Shepard to talk about headlining Gore Vidal's Broadway show "The Best Man".

Talking about having a part in the Tony nominated political drama, Davis admitted, "It's very scary. I didn't sleep for a couple weeks." adding, "It's literally like every single person in the play is so amazing and you have such respect for them that you just don't want to mess up."

Explaining how she messed up during the play, Kristin said, "For whatever reason, I think it was our first night, my mind just totally blanked, totally blanked. There's a bunch of people in the scene, John [Stamos] is not there to help me Cybil [Shepard] I'm supposed to be interrupting so it was hard for her to help me and Angela [Lansbury] started, she just started saying her lines over and over again, what ever I needed, it was like the sweetest thing."

During the interview Stamos and Davis revealed a surprising bit of information when asked what it's like playing husband and wife on stage together, John joked "Sex in the City", before admitting, "I've never seen 'Sex in the City'"," at which point Kristin piped in, "And I've never seen 'Full House'".

Check out Kristin Davis' entire interview on "Good Morning America".

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