Kristen Stewart Makes a Statement: Women are NOT the Weaker Sex

Posted Friday February 14, 2014 10:28 PM GMT

Making her way home from the gym in West Hollywood, Kristen Stewart finished off her workout on Friday (February 14).

Riding home in her Izuzu truck, the "Camp X-Ray" babe sported a pair of shades and Mercenaries cap, looking serious as she made her way back.

In related news, Kristen is urging women across the nation to take a stand for themselves, taking part in an interview with Stylist, standing against sexism, saying that, "People call women the weaker sex — it’s crazy. You have to stand up to that and be ready for things to be hard and for things to be serious."

"Female’s ambition is different to men’s. Men have a drive to make their mark on the world so people remember them," however, she believes that women "are more fulfilled with the selfless drive to create things, but one of the main struggles is finding out what you’re good at and going for it."

The 23-year-old starlet continued, saying, "It’s a total cliche — a man in a powerful position is considered assertive, whereas a woman is a 'bi**h.'"

Finally, Kristen stated, "Unfortunately we do need to consider how things are coming across — because people will stop listening to women much more quickly than they will a man."

Photo Credit: Getty Images