Kris Allen: Ready for a Dolphins Weekend

Posted Friday October 23, 2009 9:04 PM GMT

Kicking off a fun-filled weekend in southern Florida, Kris Allen appeared at Land Shark Stadium prior to his performance at the Miami Dolphins tailgate party on Friday (October 23).

The "American Idol" winner happily posed alongside cheerleaders as he preps to take the Dolphins' tailgate stage on Sunday (October 25) just before the Dolphins/Saints game at 4:15PM.

Elated about the opportunity, Allen told press, "As a HUGE football fan I'm thrilled that the first gig for my band and me is at the Miami/New Orleans tailgate party for this Sunday's game."

Meanwhile, Kris also recently wrapped up work on his new album, of which he said, "That's the thing that I wanted to do the most with this album, is show [the public] that I can write music."

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Enjoy the pictures of Kris Allen out at Dolphins Stadium (October 23).

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