Kit Harington Talks Training For "Game of Thrones" & "Pompeii" in Men's Health UK April 2014

Posted Tuesday March 11, 2014 5:03 PM GMT

He's gearing up for the season premiere of his hit HBO series "Game of Thrones" and during promotions, Kit Harington scored the cover of Men's Health UK magazine's April 2014.

During his Q&A session, the 27-year-old actor shared details about his training for the role in the action-packed show and his film "Pompeii."

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On preparing for "Pompeii":
"I'm not a 6ft 3in guy who can bulk up and just look like an absolute unit, a tank. My body type has a tiny bit of stockiness to it but it's really quite wiry, so for 'Pompeii' that was the sort of look I had to go for - 'prison fit.'"

On staying in shape for "Game of Thrones:
"The physical stuff is very much a part of who Jon Snow is and over the four years I've got into rock climbing, ice climbing, sword fighting and horse [back] riding."

On handling injuries:
"I did my ankle really, really badly about two months prior to the third [season] of 'Thrones.' I spoke to doctors and [physicians] but it was the training for 'Pompeii that got me back to full fitness."

Photo Credit: Patrik Giardino for Men's Health UK