Kit Harington Talks “Game of Thrones” Season Four Finale!

Posted Friday June 13, 2014 3:05 PM GMT

As part of one of the hottest show on cable television, Kit Harington is thrilled with how well “Game of Thrones” has fared over the past four seasons.

And with the Season Four finale coming up this Sunday (June 15), the handsome Jon Snow actor told E! News that fans shouldn’t worry about him getting killed off.

Kit declared, "Thrones is never ending for me. If it's not airing, I'm filming it. I go off and start filming in late July for 'Thrones' season 5 and you'll have to see where it all ends up. But watch episode 10 [on Sunday], it's going to be a bit of an impact episode."

As for the loss of Jon’s love interest Ygritte, Harington explained, “It was emotional and I have worked so intensely with Rose Leslie over the years, that it’s very sad to see her go.”

Photo Credit: ABC