Kit Harington Dubbed GQ's 2013 Gamer of the Year

Posted Monday November 25, 2013 4:50 PM GMT

With his HBO series "Game of Thrones" continuing to be a huge hit, it's no surprise that GQ would hand select Kit Harington as their 2013 Gamer of the Year.

During his interview with the publication, the 26-year-old actor shared a few details about what's the come in the series along with revealing his true thoughts about last season's infamous Red Wedding episode.

"It's the most action-heavy [season]," Mr. Harington explained. "It's the most expensive. And there's more death... They haven't lowered the bar."

In regards to the bloody wedding, Kit declared, "I was jumping for joy that they pulled it off."

For more on Mr. Harington's Q&A session, be sure to visit GQ!

Photo Credit: Jake Chessum for GQ

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