Kirstie Alley Talks New Book on “The Tonight Show”

Posted Thursday September 27, 2012 1:12 PM GMT

She’s been busy with “Dancing with the Stars” as of late, but Kirstie Alley made time to visit Jay Leno over at “The Tonight Show” last night (September 26).

The “Cheers” actress looked lovely in a black dress as she discussed her summer, most notably her upcoming book.

Alley began, “I was gone from LA for 8 months. I was writing my book and it took a long time because I don’t type very well so I write freehand and there were a couple thousand pages.”

“I have a computer but if I do that I get really introverted and I start checking myself all the time. I write too fancy and stuff. So I write freehand but then I have to have someone come in and type it. And I can’t read my own writing.”

Kirstie added, “It’s called ‘The Art of Men.’ It’s about how men have influenced my life- good, bad, kinky, whatever.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images