Kirsten Dunst Blames Actors For Casting Couch Incidents in W Magazine

Posted Thursday April 17, 2014 3:30 PM GMT

Given her long and successful career in Tinseltown, Kirsten Dunst has seen her fair share of industry corruption.

However, the “Crazy/Beautiful” actress is convinced that the only people who fall prey to inappropriate advances from bigwigs are the ones who want it.

While chatting with W Magazine guest editor Sofia Coppola, Kirsten explained, "I don't give off that vibe. I think you court that stuff, and to me, it's crossing a boundary that would hinder the trust in your working relationship."

A few years back, Dunst checked herself into rehab to deal with depression, which thankfully worked out for the best. "[My] hardest age was 27. I had to figure out how to navigate differently through my life."

She added, "My favorite age is now. I love my friendships, and I know I have fun things to look forward to."

Photo Credit: Juergen Teller for W Magazine