Kim Kardashian: “I Have My Own Parenting Style”

Posted Thursday June 19, 2014 3:00 PM GMT

Her daughter North just turned one year old, and Kim Kardashian has learned a lot about child rearing over the past 12 months.

The E! reality television star shared some words of wisdom with the Mail Online while doing an interview in Cannes, France earlier this week, and it sounds like she dances to the beat of her own drum machine.

Kim began, "Watching my sister Kourtney, I do learn a lot, but I have my own parenting style. We have our own styles and ways of how we do it and we respect each other's ways and we just learn a lot from each other.”

“I'm really fun and playful but I'm more strict on naptimes and sleeping in her own crib, where Kourtney does more of an attached parent style where her kids sleep in her bed with her."

Furthermore, Mrs. Kanye West observed that her sister may need to change things up nowadays. "Especially with the third baby coming they're gonna need a bigger bed or they're gonna need some other rules."

"As a first time mom I'm learning a lot as I'm going, and I'm learning so much from Kourtney, I think, the most. What I've learned is you just have to parent your way… whatever works for you and your household. It's hard to really give people a whole lot of advice when you just have to figure it out for yourself."

Photo Credit: Instagram