Kiernan Shipka: Pretty Pink Jogger!

Posted Saturday June 7, 2014 3:58 PM GMT

Making sure she’s fully visible to passing vehicles, Kiernan Shipka wore a bright pink tank top for her daily jog in Los Angeles on Wednesday (June 4).

Joined by a few fitness friends, the beautiful 14-year-old actress listened to Beats headphones as she got into the ‘zone’ during her multi-mile outing.

Earlier in the week, Kiernan sang the praises of her on-screen “Mad Men” father Jon Hamm during a Q&A session.

Shipka gushed, “I’ve particularly always loved all of Don and Sally’s scenes from the very beginning, when they were so sweet, to now where they’re sort of heartbreaking and filled with so much emotion… I love working with Jon.”

“He’s the best, and it’s been fun to see the relationship change, and it’s been great as an actor to have so many opportunities to have these scenes.”

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