Tommy Lee Talks Kid Rock Scuffle

Posted Wednesday September 12, 2007 3:26 PM GMT

If you didn’t turn off the MTV Video Music Awards after Britney’s lackluster performance, you may have noticed that Kid Rock and Tommy Lee had a bit of a tiff. Well, now Tommy is apologizing for it… kind of.

Lee made a public apology to Alicia Keys and MTV. He said, “... I would like to apologize to Alicia and... MTV for the disrespectful bulls**t caused by a piece of s**t called Kid Pebble!"

When asked to describe the incident, Tommy said, " Pamela (Anderson) comes and sits on my lap, who I love and adore... I get a tap on the shoulder form Kid Pebble. I stand up and embrace him with a semi-hug and say, 'Hey dude, what up?'”

But from there it got ugly. "He punches me in the face... (but it was) more like a b**ch slap! Anyway, I go to knock this jealous no-career havin' country bumpkin the f**k out... and before I can have a meeting with my fist and his ugly-a** mug, security guards at the Palms grab me and haul my a** outta the award show threatening me that if I move they'll break my arm.”

There’s no word yet from Kid Rock… but he’s the one being charged with assault by the Vegas police, so we’ll keep you updated on his day in court.

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Enjoy the video footage of Tommy and Kid scrapping at the VMA's, along with pics of Tommy groping Pam at the awards ceremony.