Tommy Lee and Kid Rock Spice Up VMAs

Posted Monday September 10, 2007 3:53 PM GMT

Man, I bet Pamela Anderson is proud! Two of her ex-husbands decided to try and beat the crap out of each other, and it was all in front of the entire MTV Video Music Awards crowd.

Kid Rock and Tommy Lee are both grown men. They should know better. But unfortunately when you get an urban cowboy and a 40-something wannabe whiteboy gangster together, sparks tend to fly.

According to MTV Veejay Sway, "Tommy Lee was sitting by Diddy. [Kid Rock] just walked up and decked him!" And the Vegas police’s statement confirms that it was Rock that was to blame.

"A little after 8:00 PM last night we received a call that a disturbance had occurred at the MTV Video Music Awards. We had a lot of officers working in and around the awards so they got there fairly quickly. We determined that the altercation was between Kid Rock and Tommy Lee. After our investigation, Kid Rock did receive a citation for misdemeanor battery. Everyone involved was interviewed."

Gossip Girls

Enjoy the video footage of Tommy and Kid scrapping at the VMA's, along with pics of Tommy groping Pam at the awards ceremony.