Kevin Spacy Slams “House Of Cards” Pirating in India

Posted Monday April 28, 2014 10:05 AM GMT

It’s no secret that Netflix has a golden goose in their original series “House of Cards,” but star Kevin Spacey is none-too-pleased that folks around the world are illegally watching the show.

The “Usual Suspects” actor attended the International Indian Film Academy Awards in Tampa, Florida over the weekend and sounded off on the alleged pirating of his program to the Indian press.

Spacey snarked, "House of Cards is really big in India, I discovered. Except isn't it funny that Netflix doesn't exist there yet. Which means that you're stealing it.”

Meanwhile, Netflix threatened to stop filming the show in Maryland due to State tax issues until Governor Martin O’Malley promised $11.5 million in tax credits for 2014.

He declared, "Spoiler alert: we're going to keep the 3,700 jobs and more than 100 million dollars of economic activity and investment that 'House of Cards' generates right here in Maryland. Media Rights Capital has been a great supporter of the people and entertainment community in Maryland, and we couldn't be happier to continue our partnership.”

Photo Credit: Netflix