Lupita, Kristen & Kerry Honor Stylists in The Hollywood Reporter

Posted Wednesday March 12, 2014 10:45 AM GMT

They work behind the scenes to make sure famous A-Listers look stunning on the red carpet, and the top 25 most powerful celebrity stylists are honored in the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter.

Among the famous leading ladies of fashion and makeup are Lupita Nyong'o and Michelle Dockery’s stylist Michael Erlanger along with Kristen Stewart’s Tara Swennen, Emma Stone's Petra Flannery and Naomi Watts' Jeanann Williams.

During a recent interview with ABC News, Miss Erlanger discussed Lupita’s gorgeous dress choice at the 2014 Academy Awards. “It’s the little touches that a stylist can do that can take an actress from being part of a pack into really standing out.I think the moment that really changed the game was [Lupita] in the red Ralph Lauren Gown.”

Also revealing her ultimate styling secrets, Macaela stated, “Always use a camera. Take pictures of yourself in front, side and back to see how things read.”

She continued, “Always think about color. I love bold hues. People should be afraid of color.”

Finally the famous stylist noted, “Have a surprise. [While looking at the back of a dress] it’s got a bold design. It’s about having a little surprise!”

Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter