Keri Hilson: Attacked By Crazy Fan

Posted Friday October 28, 2011 11:18 AM GMT

There’s nothing worse than a nutjob jumping onstage to ruin a concert, and Keri Hilson narrowly escaped injury when a crazed fan grabbed her during a show.

The beautiful songstress was performing in Paris, France when a guy rushed onto the stage and grabbed her for a hug.

Of course, Hilson’s security was on him like white on rice and clobbered the man in the head in order to get him to let go of Keri.

After the gig, Keri tweeted, “To the guy who ran on stage & stole a kiss, I LOVE YOU TOO. Didn’t appreciate how u were handled. But next time, enjoy from the audience ;), followed by, “I just learned that dude jumped from the 2nd story balcony for the task… ok, so maybe he was a lil crazy! Just jokes. I love my fans, yo!!!”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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